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This week, I reviewed the an information literacy blog called “Chat Literacy.” The reason I chose this site was because I feel that there is so much to learn as far as information literacy goes. The subject can be overwhelming but I still want to keep learning and it helps to know that those who contribute to the blog might be using technology to solve problems. From meeting the section describing the mission of the blog, etc. there is reference to the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. So professionals have something to do with the production of the blog which gives some confidence in terms of the quality of the discussions. Here is the link to the blog:

” Welcome to Chat Literacy – an interactive online blogging space for anyone interested in information literacy. Our broad understanding of what it means to be information literate includes individuals who “know when they need information, and are then able to identify, locate, evaluate, organise and effectively use the information to address and help resolve personal, job related, or broader social issues and problems.”(Reference: UNESCO, US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science et al Goals, objectives and participant responsibilities. Meeting of experts on information literacy 2002.)”

There are many different types of chats and blogging opportunities on this blog the topics vary widely. There is a welcome topic that has over 15000 members and there are special interest groups such as Social Movements and Gender that has over 500 members. It appears there are many of the groups are active and the topics could be very be helpful for those who have trouble connecting — particularly if you are interested in special interest issues. Also important to note that this is an international blog. I also liked the group on Facebook and noticed that the moderator there is from the UK and is from the Institute of Development Studies. There appears to be at least one post per week on the Facebook site. The topics appear to be a nice variety.

In short, it seems like a good resource to keep in as an information professional.


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