Learning Styles & Personality

INFJ Infographic

My personality type on the Meyers-Briggs personality type indicator is INFJ. I think that it does describe my personality accurately. I am definitely an introvert. I prefer to observe and quietly reflect and think about thinks for a period of time. I am also a very intuitive person –although it has taken time and experience for me to trust my intuition.

I am also a very feeling person. On another personality type (Gallop’s StrengthsQuest) – my number one strength is Empathy. I think I am the type of individual who can read and feel cues from others around me. It is something that I can’t really turn off but again have learned to respect this as a talent versus a weakness. In our culture being a feeling and emotional person is not exactly prized. I think this way of being is viewed as feminine and unfortunately viewed as weak and that I find very challenging.

In terms of the last description as “judging” – I guess I don’t care for the actual word but when I look at how it is described I have to say that it is true. I do think that I pay attention to schedules, guidelines and rules. I think that a certain amount of this is necessary so that everyone feels respected — particularly in a professional setting.


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