Being Information Literate

The three characteristics that describe an information literate individual to me would be someone who knew how to easily navigate and locate information using technology and other informational tools. In order to help someone develop these characteristics I would introduce resources that were general and easy to use. I think introducing reliable databases and research tools based on the needs and level of expertise of the individual. Hands on opportunities would be helpful in this regard as I think experience using and searching for information can help people have success in information literacy.

Print handouts, guided exercise and tutorials are important supplements to assisting in the people become information literate. I am personally a fan of video tutorials. If the instructor provides clear guidance and covers highlights of the various research tools then It save a lot of time.  If the printed materials are concise, up the date and relevant then I think they could also be helpful. Often times, when I get a printed instructional sheet I immediately look for a publish date because with information technology, there are constant changes. I think of various apps that have updates every couple of months. So a printed handout would have to be updates each and every time an instructional session is presented  — in some cases.

I think an excellent activity for someone who needs to develop their information literacy skills would be to have them research a topic of their interest using two or three online resources and to rate them in terms of the results.


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