The Future of Information Literacy

Here is my prediction on the future of information literacy: Things will change and yet they will stay the same. The role of consumer technology will continue to impact information literacy. For example, portable laptop computers, tablets and handheld devices are becoming more and more common and affordable. However that doesn’t mean that all members of our community have access to such devices or computers. I foresee libraries still playing a critical role in making information available via technology through public facilities. Perhaps there will not be as my paper resources. But again, I don’t see the printed materials completely going away any time soon.

Many children are growing up using devices and are comfortable using electronic resources. This is more and more the norm. I think that the role of the library will continue to be critical in being a resource for the community in having access to information. Librarians will serve as facilitator and teacher as it relates to using new tools. Our skills as librarians will have to be current and in a constant state of update and learning.


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