Universal Design of Online Learning

If I go back and review the YouTube tutorial and thinking about the presentation using concepts outlined in Universal Design — I think the presentation meets some of the recommendations including using clear concepts that are planned out with goals that are spelled out. In addition, text is used along with video demonstration.

First, the text used was an easy to read font, the color selected was white on dark — which for some would be difficult to read but was fitting with the visual examples provided. The audio complimented the information presented and was clear and easy to understand — the microphone was of good quality as there were no issues with sound. The concepts and instructions were provided both using audio and text. The steps were sequential and orderly. The video was not shown with captions on but that could potentially be done on individual computers. Examples were provided so that learners could see the lesson played out.

Additional information was provided at the end of the presentation. However, the information was provided fairly quickly in the tutorial so, the viewer would have to pause the presentation and take screen shows and/or write the additional information down to further explore the supplemental information given.


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