This Week in the News

This week, I will highlight an article that is in the “Faculty Focus” a publication described as a higher ed teaching strategies blog.  This particular article has to do the review of a teaching practices tool. The title of the blog entry is:

Teaching Practices Inventory Provides Tool to Help You Examine Your Teaching. It was reviewed by Maryellen Welmer, PhD.

The blog entry talks about this assessment – was developed for math and science but the author suggests that it can be used for other subjects. Here is the link to the article:

“The inventory takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete (53% of the research cohort took it in 10 minutes or less) and is designed for use by individual faculty. It is a self-report inventory, with the power to promote a comprehensive review of and reflection on teaching practices. Inventory items are organized into eight categories: 1) course information provided to students; 2) supporting materials provided to students; 3) in-class features and activities; 4) assignments; 5) feedback and testing; 6) other (such as pre-post testing); 7) training and guidance of TAs; and 8) collaboration or sharing in teaching.”

I think that assessments and inventory tools can be helpful for instruction. It is difficult to keep up to date on the subject of assessment and evaluation. And so this summary is a welcome preview.


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