In the News

For this week’s “In the News” entry, I would like to give a brief synopsis of a story covered in the blog LISNews on October 6th. The blog provides a video interview with author Lev Grossman who talks about his series “the Magician” trilogy. The series deals with subjects that might traditionally be aimed at young readers but is intended for adult readers. I would think that this entry is aimed at those librarians who are dealing with adult readers — probably in a public library setting.

The author describes that adults need magic too – that it is not only meant for young adults or children. There is discussion about what it means to be writing “literary” fiction. The future of the book and writing comes up and the author indicates that he thinks it is a great time to be an author and writing. He indicates that novelists are rediscovering plot and storytelling. He further goes on to say that novels today are accessible and that is a good thing.

The conversation was not controversial but it does point out the subject of dealing with readers (probably within a public library setting). It would be helpful to know what readers might be attracted to in terms of being able to discuss popular subject matters with adults. The popularity of books such as Harry Potter, Narnia and other book that involve magic are attracting both young readers and adults too. It would certain benefit a public librarian to familiarize themselves with this work and this genre as a whole. To be able to advise readers should they be looking to further explore.


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