Evaluation of Online Instruction

This week I evaluated an online tutorial on how to create a YouTube Account. The intended audience was for information professionals or students in a higher learning institution. The context of the video tutorial was part of the assignment processes for our class. The audience was relevant because had it been an adult learner or someone who did not have much experience with using the internet or technology it may have been a bit difficult. The objectives were provided were fairly quick and spelled out. How to create a YouTube account and then how to post and use your account.

The technique for learning was very well done quick tutorial video that gave step by step instruction and screencast/demonstration was used to accomplish this. I found the style very useful because you could see the steps as they occurred. The technique was perfect for someone like me who experience using technology and can pick up these concepts very simply.

This technique for learning is not for everyone as I had mentioned earlier. The learner must be familiar with how to navigate the internet, create accounts in general, make videos and upload them. So, I would not categorize this learning method as a beginner’s method.

There was not a specific evaluation at the end of this session. However, I think the overall purpose, design and delivery was effective and accomplished what was set out to be accomplished. Visually I felt it was effective in and the fact that it was delivered using the YouTube was appropriate.


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