Welcome to my Blog!

I am Cathy Colella, a graduate student at Wayne State University.  I am earning my degree in Library and Information Science and this semester my coursework will include Instructional Methods for Librarians.  I am a little more than half way through my program and the classes have been very interesting so far.  My hope is to work in an academic environment when I complete my degree and maybe even at the community college level.  I have an interest in communities colleges because I feel I relate well to the students — having attended community college myself and being a first generation college graduate. I really appreciate working with the diverse population of students ranging in all ages and backgrounds. 

 I have no official experience in instruction and that is why I really look forward to learning about the topics presented in this course. I am interested in discovering the various learning styles, theories and philosophies. I am very interested in helping students who might be intimidated by using the library and other learning tools that will help them succeed in school and in their careers. 

For the last four years, I have worked as a full time Office Manager in the Student Success Center at Kalamazoo Valley Community  College. It is an excellent and supportive environment for students and staff members.  As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoy working with the student population at this level in the higher education experience.  Students do well when they connect and develop relationships with staff and other students. That is something that I hope to incorporate into my teaching methods and into my librarianship in general. 

My background is also very much connected to the world of visual art. You may have noticed the header on my blog. It is a mixed media piece that I created about a year ago. My undergraduate degree is in Fine Art and my focus is in painting. I tend to like to mix watercolor and pastel but I also enjoy working in oils and pencil. The subject matter that I am drawn to usually has to do with nature whether it be a landscape or a representational work — particularly florals or images having to do with the changing of seasons.  My artwork was shown in the Battle Creek Spring art hop this year and I hope to keep showing and creating artwork too. 


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